Integrated Building Design

Net Zero in Baltimore
  • Title: Net Zero in Baltimore
  • Entrant: Jamillah Muhammad, Associate Project Manager
  • Credits: Perkowitz + Ruth Architects. Ronald Moore, Associate Project Manager; Dindo Mabana, Designer; Tou Boran Pek, Senior Drafter; Kathleen Stover; Design Director; Boryana Fileva, Design Coordinator
  • Location: Reston, Virginia
  • Category: Integrated Building Design – Grand Prize
  • About: This winning entry is professionally resolved on many levels. A number of energy sources are integrated into the aesthetics of the building. Brick is seen throughout the fabric of the building in the floors, walls and screens. There is a thorough analysis and energy modeling of the usage of brick in novel ways, as well as creative and innovative site strategies. Multiple scales using brick enhance the aesthetics of the building and are evident in this submission.
MassEnergy Science Center
  • Title: MASSenergy Science Center
  • Entrant: Heather Midori Santos & Jillian Christina Schroettinger
  • Credits: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
  • Location: Long Beach, California
  • Category: Integrated Building Design – Honorable Mention
  • About: This melodic and harmonic solution nests an office campus into the landscape and has building occupants and visitors wandering up a series of ramps exploring bio fuels and water absorbing design features. The spirit of this design is extremely strong and it appropriately engaged the site at multiple scales. This entry features water capture strategies, energy solutions, and trombe walls with design opportunity.
Cultivation Energy
  • Title: Cultivating Energy
  • Entrant: Shane Valentine
  • Credits: University of Texas San Antonio
  • Location: San Antonio, Texas
  • Category: Integrated Building Design – Honorable Mention
  • About: There is a compelling aspect of commitment to the notion of agricultural links between the outdoor landscape solutions and the building rhythms. The views of the vistas beyond the city are expressive. There is a very formalistic approach to this entry. The boards are exceptional in quality, content organization, and make a beautiful presentation.
Brick Brick Brick Brick
  • Title: In BRICK, of BRICK, for BRICK, & by BRICK
  • Entrant: Robert Kane
  • Credits: n/a
  • Location: San Casciano, Italy
  • Category: Integrated Building Design – Honorable Mention
  • About: This design engages brick as a structural material, not just a veneer. The structural elements have thermal characteristics as well as geothermal heat exchange and rooftop solar thermal. This brick structure is integrated with novel thermal systems. A series of marching facades, building orientation, highly crafted process of laying brick, and expressive design are all exemplary facets of this entry. It looks like Louis Kahn has risen again!